Current Courses

Fall 2014


Asian Am 247


Daniel Elam

This course will explore topics and issues in contemporary Asian American popular culture. We will read/watch books and films by Asian American writers and filmmakers, and we will discuss issues of representation, consumerism, and globalization.

Social and Behavioral Sciences Distro


Asian Am 365/Anthro 365


Shalini Shankar

This course examines the relationship between language, race and ethnicity in the contemporary United States. It will cover major theoretical concepts about language use, race, ethnicity, and identity, and examine a number of ethnographic case studies about these issues. The course will focus primarily on language use among Asian Americans but also examine language practices by Latinos, Blacks, and Native Americans by comparison. Topics to be examined include: how languages and their speakers are regarded by institutions such as schools and workplaces; how public discourse about languages other than English affect the lives of those speakers; how language use mediate interethnic and interracial relations; why particular languages have been stigmatized while others are celebrated; the ways in which socioeconomic factors such as social class, immigration status, and educational background affect language use; and how youth use language to construct ethnic and racial identities, often in ways that cross racial boundaries. Readings will be drawn from anthropology, Asian American studies, sociolinguistics, and ethnic studies.

Literature and Fine Arts Distro


Asian Am 370

GLOBAL SOUTH ASIANS the South Asian American experience in the early twentieth century

Daniel Elam

This course will examine the South Asians in America before 1965. They included migrant and itinerant labor forces, political refugees and anticolonial agitators, and elite English-speaking writers and intellectuals. This course uses this full range of South Asians living in the US to give students an account of the precarious forms of political life made available to them by the uneasily intersecting rules of two empires – the emerging US, the declining British.

Social and Behavioral Sciences Distro



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