Minor in Asian American Studies

Asian American Studies Program: Why Minor?

What is Asian American Studies

* Global and cosmopolitan curriculum

* Small classes with professors who remember your name

* Award-winning teachers

* Community and life-long connections

Privileges of Being a Minor

* Summer community fellowships

* Faculty-hosted dinners and teas

* Alumni network and mentoring programs

* Field trips to cultural events in Chicago

Simple Requirements

* 7 courses exploring the global Asian experience

* Classes outside of Asian American Studies count toward the minor


Minor requirements

6 courses in Asian American Studies

• Must include introductory survey (210), history survey (214), or literature survey (275).

• At most 2 courses from other programs and departments with significant coverage of Asian American issues may be counted toward the 6 courses with permission of the program director.

1 course in a discipline other than Asian American Studies that focuses on race and ethnicity. The course should provide conceptual and comparative breadth concerning a topic related to Asian American Studies.

• At least 3 of the 7 courses must be at the 300 level.

Students may declare more than one minor. See the WCAS Catalogue for more details.

How do I declare a minor in Asian American Studies?

All students intending to participate in Asian American Studies Program must consult with an advisor in the Program by contacting Professor Ji-Yeon Yuh at j-yuh@northwestern.edu or asianamerican@northwestern.edu.

While the AAS Minor lays a firm foundation for the interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity and migration, students may choose to pursue an Ad Hoc Major in Asian American Studies.

After consultation with the Asian American Studies advisor, students can submit a proposal to the Curricular Review Committee. Only well planned individualized program of study will be approved. 

Check the Weinberg Undergraduate Advising website for more information on the ad hoc major: http://www.weinberg.northwestern.edu/advising/majors/adhoc.html



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